About Us

Our mission is to partner with a select group of quality wine  producers from the Paso Robles, California appellation and bring those  wines to finer restaurants and retail stores in the Connecticut and  upstate New York markets. By providing our suppliers and producers with  an entre into this upscale and stable consumer market our goal is to  help expand brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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The  Connecticut and upstate New York marketplace is an upscale, well  educated and discerning client set with over 240 fine restaurants and  adult beverage retail stores that are currently under represented when  looking at quality wines from the Paso Robles region.

By  leveraging the sales, marketing and distribution experience of the  Griffin Estate Wines staff, both suppliers and resellers can drive  greater market penetration and revenue growth in this important market  niche.

If you are a Paso Robles wine producer, contact us today  to learn how we can help you bring your excellent wines to this vibrant  marketplace. If you are a fine dining establishment or retail wine  seller serving the Connecticut or upstate New York markets look to us as  your source for unique wines that your customers will fall in love  with.

Griffin Estate Wines, LLC